The Ashampoo blog team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a successful year 2017!

Sven Krumrey

It happened (again), a colleague was late and yet had no trouble finding a parking space. My appointment calendar is getting lighter and the first emails with Christmas greetings and goodbyes from colleagues leaving for vacation are coming in. There's change in the air, barely noticeable at first but then unavoidable. Things are quieting down, colleagues are lining up in the corridors having chit chats over their Christmas plans. You no longer mindlessly pass by all the Christmas decoration but start to notice the various adornments. There's small fir branches with golden Christmas bulbs on the window sills, they must have been lying there for weeks but I just started noticing them. Suddenly, Christmas is no longer a distant date.

The best time of the year

While phones are staying silent, there's even time for a quick retrospection. 2016 was the second year of existence for this blog and in case you're wondering whether routine has set in - far from it. It's still a joy to hunt for topics that might interest you, wrap them up neatly and then send the articles around the world. Amidst the pitfalls of social networks, basic technical knowledge and the ever so important question of computer security, there was always time to venture off the beaten track and discover something new - and it shall stay this way. This blog is alive thanks to your loyalty and participation and we wholeheartedly thank you for that!

Reading your comments has been and will remain special to us. Not just because our approval rate was constantly at 99% but because comment sections are slowly becoming a rarity for other blogs thanks to profanity. We've seen configuration tips from Australia, spirited statements from Nigeria, moderate cynicism from England, anecdotes from Germany and thought-provoking stories from Shanghai, the exchange of ideas was truly international. Does the Internet still join people together instead of separating them? It's a great thought and fitting for the celebration that lies before us.

Merry Christmas everyone!

And while I'm writing these lines, more colleagues are about to leave. Very soon, all that will be left on this floor is me and my tiny USB-powered Christmas tree that blinks in all possible colors. Only the office of our Facebook Melanie is still lid while she's sending final greetings to our readers before she'll pack up and make her way past my door to the exit. The office rooms of our support staff that wrote over 1 million emails this year, the boss's office with the big board that holds every detail on plans and procedures, the work space of our translator that boasts 5 monitors, they've all gone dark. It's time to power down the computer and say goodbye to another year at Ashampoo. Christmas is just around the corner.

I don't know how you'll be celebrating Christmas in the rest of the world but I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Take care, enjoy some peace and quiet and make sure to drop by in 2017! Once again, Manuel Verlaat, our chief translator, help author and multi-talent has composed and recorded a song in the spirit of Christmas. Enjoy!

Manuel Verlaat: Christmas

Author's side note:

Please understand that, because of Christmas holidays, it may take a little longer for your comments to get approved.If the song doesn’t play by a simple mouse click , simply right-click the link and select „Save target as“.

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