5 forgotten WinOptimizer gems

Sven Krumrey

If you ever wanted to see actual programmers tear their hair, just suggest a feature that already exists in their programs. The larger a feature set grows, the more likely it becomes that existing and useful features are forgotten or buried in the depths of the many program menus. WinOptimizer was originally advertised as the Swiss Army knife of Windows optimization tools but as with the real thing, people tend to forget about the many possibilities the program has to offer.

Not knowing or forgetting about useful features (that many of you already paid for!) is a shame which is why I would like to present a couple of gems you either haven't heard or that you have since forgotten about.

hidden treasures of WinOptimizer

Windows - amateurish file deletion built in

With Windows defaults, secure file deletion is a hopeless endeavor. Why you ask? Windows doesn't physically delete files but simply marks them as deleted so their disk space can be reused. Picture a room full of people that have to report on call. Then, they are ordered to stay silent but to remain in the room. That's Windows deletion for you! As long as the room isn't used for something else, all "deleted" files are still available and recoverable through special applications (like Undeleter). This is a nightmare for sensitive private data and really makes you question the security policy of Windows. File Wiper takes care of this problem by overwriting the file space multiple times so everything that is deleted stays deleted.

Tweak - wait, what?

You don't have to be an exotic to wish for a little bit of individuality in your PC's look and feel. And would you rather have visual eye candy or a cleaner and more sober desktop? This is a question of character, above all! Alas, Windows only comes in one flavor that has to suit all. So some programmer came up with the idea of giving you the option to truly customize the look and feel of your software to your needs and called it Tweaking (says a lot about computer programmers and why they are seldom invited to parties). Tweaking with WinOptimizer will give you a lot of "I never thought that was possible" and "Thank god that is finally gone" moments. Browser, desktop environment or Windows Explorer, almost anything is customizable for beauty and comfort.

Against forgetting

What good is a great feature that is never used? Very few sit in front of their PCs thinking "Oh boy, oh boy it's finally time to clean my system again.". Very few - and I can't help but admire their strong will. The rest of us are faced with gigabytes of clutter that piles up over time, filling precious space on our valuable SSDs. I use Task Planner to run One Click Optimizer at regular intervals so I never forget to rid my machine of all that junk. And in all honesty, I simply don't have the discipline to regularly trigger the cleaners manually so I am glad Task Planner does it for me. This feature has been on our customers' wish lists for years yet it was already there all that time.

this lock will last

Extraterrestrial encryption

I'm always puzzled when I stumble upon successful and expensive software that essentially does the same as WinOptimizer. Many encryption tools come with a hefty price tag and interesting names like Hyper Secure Megatech as if they were designed by aliens. People tend to forget that WinOptimizer comes with File Manipulator (formerly File Encrypter) that does exactly that! It lets you protect your files with the renowned Blowfish algorithm against prying eyes and shady figures. Simply set up a password and no-one else can access your files anymore. Sounds simple? That's because it is, and you do not need software from outer space for it.

Show who's boss

Anyone with the slightest PC knowledge knows the one thing no computer user likes to volunteer for: family administrator. Even being a beauty consultant in a leper colony couldn't be more stressful. Especially kids PCs are murky places swarming with all sorts of dubious software and trojans that were only clicked on because they looked so colorful and interesting. The other extreme is your dear father-in-law that is annoyed by a single detail, blindly follows some Google advice and happily breaks his Windows Registry to smithereens. There's a cure for that, it's called User Rights Management and it allows you to specify precisely what modifications users can perform on a PC. It also turns you into a real administrator (loads of fun) and saves you hours of pain and frustration. If you can't tinker with it, you can't break it - it's as simple as that.

These are just 5 features that are living in the shadow for most users. As you can see, it really pays off to take a closer look at the modules available in WinOptimizer and their features. There's a lot to discover even if only to take that sad look of programmers' faces.

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