The scratching game

Sven Krumrey

Whenever we hold special offers you always get to see the final result only. But you may be missing out on the occasional anecdote and the tried and tested Ashampoo decision making process.

Just another meeting

Boss: We've always called it scratch game, we need something better. Nitpicker: The boxes appear blurred on my smartphone. Boss: Later. Get creative, people! Editor: "Scratch" sounds a bit icky, etymology-wise. Marketing: We need something fresh that appeals to the people! Web design: Is this monitor true-color? The red was supposed to look different. Marketing: Just fresh won't cut it. We want them to be excited! PR: We might also put this on Boss: Guys, brainstorming! What are the things you like to scratch? Tester: Haha! Editor: G-rated? Not much! Marketing: Excited isn't enough. We want to blow them away! Nitpicker: It's more about scraping that scratching. Scrape game. Boss: Not scrape game. It's scratch card, not scrape card. Nitpicker: But you scrape a win, not scratch it. Support: We still got other things to do... Marketing: The wording must emphatically prompt people to visit the page! In droves! Nitpicker: The coin used for scratching should be in local currency. The Hungarian forint... Web design: This monitor can't be true-color can it? Almost violet... Boss: Stick to the topic! Marketing: The wording must motivate people like never before! Carry the Olympic spirit! PR: A Uzbek page would also like host the game! Editor: You might try to paraphrase is, someway... Support: Do you still need us here? Nitpicker: People don't know beforehand which program they're going to get. Is that fair? Boss: Scratch away! Scratch! Marketing: We need to launch a scratch pandemic! Fantastic! Epidemic! Support: We still have a lot of other things to do... PR: The East Berlin Scratch Game Association has also shown some interest. Editor: Maybe something like a rhyme... Nitpicker: We could briefly display an overlay that shows what they can win. Tester: Maybe use a gun to shoot to clear the boxes? That would be fun! Web design: We can't implement that. Boss: No shooting! Scratching, just call it differently! Nitpicker: Scraping!


Boss: So we can all agree on scratching game? Everyone else: Yes.

And here it is. The scratching game.

The game requires Javascript to work. If you are using No-Script or similar browser extensions, please disable them temporarily to play the game. Alternatively, you may also try a different browser.

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