A Merry Christmas 2021 from the Ashampoo Blog team!

Sven Krumrey

It's now been two years since I wrote my last Christmas blog. As we all know by now, many things were bound to change–not necessarily for the better. So this is another year I find myself struggling to get into the Christmas spirit, despite the neat decorations on our tree in the foyer, and the Christmas balls and elves lining our window sills. For quite a while, I was in a rather sullen mood and mostly ignored the lights, after all, deadlines were rushing up fast and work makes no allowances for Christmas sentimentalities. And thus, December seemed gray and and full of business as usual–until Christmas finally caught up with me. It was because of a little tree, and old German Christmas song, and an American who sang it.

The tree that made the difference

"Life finds a way," is what Jeff Goldblum says in Jurassic Park, and it's kind of the same with Christmas! Everything doesn't have to be perfect, nor imbued with a reverent mood, the spirit still hits you eventually. I was looking over a bunch of especially dull statistics and took a quick breath as it slowly got dark outside. Tired, I stood up and walked a couple of steps, lost in thought and glancing through a glass door into the adjacent meeting room. There, in a corner, was a small Christmas tree I had never noticed before. It was nothing special, we have other far more decorative items, but it was one of those inexplicable moments. Dim lights reflected in its balls as my Bluetooth headphones softly chimed in.

YouTube's algorithm, it seemed, wanted to lift my spirits and played "O Tannenbaum" (O Christmas Tree), sung by Nat King Cole. I'd known this song since earliest childhood, and it had affected me very little ever since. And yet, the way the American singer pronounced the German words put a smile on my face. And though I'm usually put off by the schmaltziness of purring strings, this time, the song touched something in me. The mellifluous voice, the resonating nostalgia, and the little lonely sparkling tree: It's Christmas time! I looked at our reception desk downstairs, wished my two colleagues Antonia and Vanessa, who were just getting ready to head home, a splendid remainder of the day, and went back to my office–with a spring in my step, and an entirely new perspective.

Christmas splendor in Ashampoo's foyer Christmas splendor in Ashampoo's foyer

My office felt cozy compared to the damp evening outside. The LED Christmas tree on my window sill seemed warmer, and I finally took the time to go through some Christmas greetings in my inbox. Briefly, I opened a window to let in some cold air, along with the scent of a lit fireplace in the neighborhood. There had to be a bunch of spiced cookies left somewhere, I thought to myself. I was now ready for family, twirly kids, loads of gifts, opulent meals, and everything else Christmas entails. Come rain or snow, another year of easy, or hard times–or the post-Christmas blues once you step onto the scales–who cares! It's Christmas time so bring it on!

As usual, we'll be taking a small break to celebrate. Have a merry Christmas and a happy new year 2022! Wherever you may read these lines, enjoy the time with your loved ones and don't stint on the hugs, where deserved. Stay healthy and see you very soon!

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